Architecture + biology3: system

Zaha Hadid Architects, Kartel-Pendik Masterplan, Istanbul, Turkey, 2006

“…an architect’s blueprint is a specific one-off set of plans whereas the ‘blueprint in nature is a set of instructions which are dependent on a particular environmental context for their interpretation.  Our present search to go beyond the ‘blueprint’ in architecture and to formulate a coded set of responsive instructions…may yield a more appropriate metaphor.”  Frazer, John.  An Evolutionary Architecture, London: Architectural Association,1995, p.11.

Today’s technology is increasingly and quickly providing a platform for architects and designers to generate form directly derived from external quantitative information.  Zaha Hadid Architects, Coop Himmelblau, Asymptote,  Greg Lynn, MVRDV are some of the many contemporary designers embracing this evolutionary architecture.

The video below is an illustration of what can be done with the program Grasshopper, which allows the user to input any number of quantitative data, then set up an algorithm which allows that data to generate a form based on that data.  Read more here.

Greg Lynn. Tea and coffee set with integral teapot, coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl with pourer and tray.

Greg Lynn and Frank Gehry. Atlantis Sentosa, Singapore. 2006.

Greg Lynn’s Embryological House is a project which allows future users to input their individual dwelling needs in order to generate the most appropriate house for them.

Parameteric Urbanism takes these ideas to an urban scale, gathering city data (population, demographics, traffic, etc…), which is then analyzed, diagrammed and inputted to create viable, transformative forms.

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  1. I love the parametric program. My girlfriend is taking a class called eco-urban footprints, and they discuss city designs and planning a lot. This is a really unique way to approach city layouts.

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