Architecture + biology 1: sneak preview [form]


Ernst Haeckel’s undeniably beautiful work has become a iconic representation of the merger between the arts and biology.  In architecture, the beauty inherent in natural plant forms serve as a major source of inspiration for architects designing during the turn of the 20th century (Art Nouveau).

by architect Louis Sullivan

Antoni Gaudi's Casa Mila (Barcelona)

Contemporary works inspired by natural forms include (clockwise top left).  Zaha Hadid’s design for an opera house in Dubai, Frank Gehry’s Peix Hotel d’Arts in Barcelona, Peter Cook’s Kunsthaus in Graz, Austria, and Herzog and de Meuron’s [in conjuction with engineers Arup] Bird’s Nest for the Olympics in Beijing. [see links for additional content.]




Santiago Calatrava

Milwaukee Art Museum by Santiago Calatrava

and then there’s the literal interpretation of nature in architecture. 


















  1. tuc74532 said:

    i was just going to say – a friend of mine who works in Milwaukee took a picture of that bridge this week.
    small world. wouldn’t have given the picture a second look/appreciate it as much without the presentation and this class.

  2. Was he just passing by? or did s/he actually visit the museum? I’d like to see it.

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