Jenny Sabin: bio-architect

Jenny Sabin represents an uncategorized, emerging architect type.  For non-designers looking at her work, the link between architecture and what she is actually researching is not very apparent.  Below is the description for her experimental research project, “Branching Metaphorphogenesis.”

The project investigates part-to-whole relationships revealed during the generation of branched structures formed in real-time by interacting lung endothelial cells placed within a 3D matrix environment. The installation materializes five slices in time that capture the force network exerted by interacting vascular cells upon their matrix environment. The time lapses manifest as five vertical, interconnected layers made from over 75,000 cable zip ties.

[read the full description here]

I find this work absolutely fascinating, even as part of me is equally frustrated by the amorphous boundaries of my profession.

  1. tuc74532 said:

    this is challenging, my mind isn’t structured to think in this pattern or even really truly appreciate it’s depth – if you will.
    looking forward to trolling around your blog throughout the semester.


  2. sthsieh said:

    This piece is really stunningly gorgeous! I just discovered today that she has moved to Cornell and is no longer in Philly. What a loss for us!!

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